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  • Sohum Gupta

Every Indian’s Book of Hope

There is a book in India, containing carefully drafted statements inked with the ink of struggle, perseverance, selflessness, sacrifice and determination. Which book is this? Let me give you a hint. It was drafted and adopted on 26th November 1949 after the end of the British rule. This book is the Constitution, which came into effect on 26th January 1950 and concurrently introduced the concepts of democracy and sovereignty in India. These concepts state that the people living in India elect their own representatives and are not ruled by any external power. Furthermore, every citizen of India is entitled to live in a fair society where they are protected equally by the law.

Now, when such a significant comprehensive work exists, it is sure to protect those threatened by people in power. Unfortunately, many lawmakers and government officials pursue their political agenda and safeguard their power through wrong means. For example, during election season, some politicians illegally occupy government properties for rallies and other propaganda stunts. Some politicians will even use public properties and equipment without paying for them, simply because politics is their practice. The citizens who suffer because of this misconduct are left unheard. Therefore, people have little hope of securing justice when their leaders ignore it.

This is where our constitution comes into play. Every citizen, regardless of their practice, post, or income is equal in the eyes of justice and that is exactly what the constitution aims to provide! Being unbiased, it is ever ready to defend the innocent and has already done so at innumerable encounters. Furthermore, what adds to the beauty of the Constitution is that it is open to changes and always has room to accommodate new laws to nullify any loopholes and safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens. Due to these aforementioned qualities of the Constitution, India has progressed, in every field of practice, since it has been passed. How? Due to the steady hand of the Constitution, there is a sense of comfort created in living in one’s own country; something that makes you love your country more. Naturally, the more we love our country, the more we wish to see it progress! Thus, quite inevitably too, India has progressed and will continue to do so in the years to come.

It is, thus, rightly said that ‘Our Constitution is a ray of hope: H for Harmony, O for Opportunity, P for People’s Participation and E for Equality.’ Isn’t there comfort in the fact that our Constitution is immortal?

Constitution day being celebrated at the World Trade Center in New York

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