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On August 16th, 2009, Usain Bolt took away our breath by setting the world record in 100m as 9.58 seconds at Berlin. The athlete also set the world record for 200m as 19.19 seconds at the same time in Berlin 2009 as well as in the 4x100m relay. He was universally considered as the fastest man on planet earth and till date holds the world records, setting an unexpected margin for all the young competitive athletes to beat.

But Bolt retired in 2017 due to a hamstring injury, and is not expected to return to the world of competitive athletics. If not him, who in 2021, is considered the fastest man on the planet? We got that answer too, in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after the 100m dash. Lamont Marcell Jacobs of Italy became the fastest man in the world when he bagged gold in the men's 100m final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, taking the spot held for the past 13 years by Usain Bolt. The end of the era of Usain Bolt brought an unlikely Italian to center stage. The new athlete set a timing of 9.80 seconds. No, he did not beat Bolt, but still is considered the fastest man in the present times.

Jacobs' triumph denoted a groundbreaking event for Italy, who only minutes later commended high jumper Gianmarco Tamberi's gold. The two embraced after the 100m race, holding their country's flag. Jacobs also was a member of the winning 4x100m relay at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and brought glory to Italy. He currently holds the 100m European record, the 60m Italian record, and is the first Italian to ever qualify for and win the men's 100m Olympic final. He has also been considered as a long-jump specialist for years. “It's a dream, really, really fantastic.", he told reporters after the event.

I personally take some inspiration from this athlete as from being a 60 metres sprinter he increased his endurance and stamina to make it to 100 meters with maintaining the pace with extreme hard work and training. He exceeded his boundaries and now made it to being currently the fastest man on planet.

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