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  • Monnit Relwani

Faults in the Indian Detention System

So many of them sit idle, in dark rooms. Darkness is not just because of poor lighting in their cells, but because all they visualize about the path in front of them is Darkness. However, most of them know it. All this darkness is yet again caused by another dark, inside their own hearts. Those who commit sins, they do deserve to be jailed, don’t they?

That is the ideal aim of a Detention system. A place to hold criminals, as a deserved penalty, and also to safeguard the public from their acts. Many systems run by governments do not

function optimally, at their full capacities. Systems lose efficiency and sometimes lose sight of what their true purpose is in the first place. In 2012 a man from Rajasthan was ‘apprehended for his crimes’. He was sentenced to pre-trial detention; but his case kept on getting postponed, and his file was soon lost into the bundles of other documents in the Courts. So he waited eagerly in the devastating and detestable conditions of the jail for 11 years. In 2023 when they finally tried him, ironically he was not guilty at all. Imagine spending all those years of your life in those conditions for no reason at all! Before I elaborate further on these ‘extreme conditions’ in prisons, I would like to address those

who believe that criminals deserve to suffer in jail. That is highly incorrect. A jail is a place

to detain them, not to kill them! But in the conditions they stay in, surely death would be an

easier option for them, wouldn’t it? In jails, there is absolutely no regard for hygiene. The floors and walls are filthy. The air inside is extremely stale. These conditions lead to the breeding of pests. Not the Criminals, I mean rats and insects. Eventually, when the prisoners eat the terribly prepared food which is most likely contaminated with the filth of the pests, they fall ill, but falling ill in these jails which is inevitable is just a death note for them because there are no trained staff to help them. I mean who would want to work in a jail, right? There are lack of medical facilities, and doctors. With no one to assist these sick prisoners, they accept their fate and lay themselves to die. To end with, I would like to confirm. Were these people given a jail sentence or a death penalty? The flaws in this country’s detention system, have made these almost exactly the same. And to think of it, sometimes I argue with my parents if they punished me even if I was right, and I didn’t deserve it, but who will these prisoners argue with? The guards? But all they will get for

that is a lashing. That wasn’t on their sentence either.

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Usha Kumar
Usha Kumar
Oct 19, 2023

Loved the

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