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Fitzone- Not thin and Lanky!

‘Health is wealth' was an antecedent and now the mantra is 'Fit is hit.', after all, what does fitness really mean? It is a perfect figure or weight loss by indomitable will or wellness without any disease.

Teenyboppers consider size zero to be a fitness parameter. Actually, this is the size of American clothing. Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Victoria Beckham have been known for this size, but experts do not consider it right in terms of health. Size zero leads to deficiency in important nutrients such as calcium resulting in health problems like osteoporosis. The girls fall victim to anorexia to get a slim figure. Staying zippy and being pragmatic about eating healthy is better than being that scrawny as a rake.

Even after a proportioned diet, someone could be bedevilled with visible fat or broad bony structure simply because of genetics. Perpetual body monitoring can elevate an array of mental health risks like unipolar depression and eating disorders like orthorexia. People are going to be cynical about appearance and can be best avoided with a grain of salt. Mindful meditation can be practised for the halcyon body.

Spiritual fitness is the genesis for making us fit as a flea.

Declutter your mind and practice yoga daily. Plan your day and incorporate the workout into your jet-setter life. A me-time to motivate and celebrate you is also pertinent to stay fit.

With today’s jammed life, cooking a traditional meal is defunct. People pitch for fast foods and thrive on ready-to-eat meal packets, etc. To make a healthy and wholesome meal, home cooking is extremely important. Explore healthy ways to add variation to your meals as reiteration can always cause boredom. Infuse your diet with the excitement and good taste you crave for and check your portion wisely. Choose wisely over dieting or intellectual sustenance.

"To be beautiful and fit means love yourself and endure exercise."

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