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  • Tanya Kedia

Formula 1- An Uncertain Future

F1 is a sports marvel that combines aerodynamic engineering and the spirit of gameplay. It is, arguably, the most scientifically advanced sport. However its mechanisms, that currently include hybrid engines, intricate bodywork and complex safety features all stand for a probable change in the future. The sport has risen once again in popularity and may reach its prime viewership in the next few years.

With its expanding popularity, the sport is attracting a unique audience, one with its focus on the engineering and technology of the sport. To keep up with its viewer base and the advancements in automotive technology around the world, this elite sport will inevitably have to bring about some changes in its workings.

As the world steers toward sustainable energy and electric vehicles, the various advancements made by F1 engineers in the following years will not, in any way, be applicable to our own automobiles, unlike in the past, where F1 engineering, in toned down forms, was often used to enhance the performance of our own vehicles.

The elimination of such “relatability” may take away some from the sport, as this was the one aspect where F1 could be associated with our own lives, for it isn’t a sport that can be played everyday or when one is free and bored.

To combat this, engineers may choose to introduce hybrid energy technologies or switch entirely toward more sustainable options for powering the cars. F1 may also make use of real time data analytics to improve the viewing experience for the audience, wherein one can understand and see the performance of the car on a firsthand basis, remotely , resulting in a more immersive experience.

Thus, the sport is on the cusp of becoming something that none of us could have anticipated before- a technological revolution that may leave its predecessors looking like stones and sticks in the wake of its advancements. However, the future remains uncertain, for a good part of the viewers stand to retain its conventional approach and technology, to not advance. Only time will tell what this marvel becomes.

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