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As our school years are coming to an end. It is the end of a figurative era, and as we approach the end of our school life the importance of friends, those we made and even those we lost is coming to light. The memories we shared from playing all sorts of games such as shield fighters, odd eve and chor-police.

Being an extremely extroverted person or a “people’s person”, I have always valued those around me. Friends and acquaintances have been an integral part of my life. People correctly say that your choice of friends can make or break your life. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. They never let you go through anything alone or ever let you feel lonely. After almost two years of minimal contact with my friends, coming back to school and revisiting all those good times was just the wake up call I needed. It is an underestimation to say that the bonds I created last year are so very beautiful and so very soulful.

Yes, studies are important but let's face it, friends are the only reason we wake up every working day with the most jolly attitude, ready to go to school. As this year begins to move forward the thing I fear most is putting my friendships through the test of time. But I came to a conclusion: why worry and lose time when you can just enjoy the moments you have left. So I say, call your friends right now and ask to hang out.

Don’t be under the misconception that friends do not hold the equal amount of importance as you grow older. The importance of friends stays the same if not increases with age, they will help you make the most crucial choices of your life, they will celebrate all your accomplishments with you whether it be a promotion or your wedding. They will guide you to the right path and will readily go out and be adventurous with you when you feel like your life is in a rut. Your friends might even be the cool aunt/uncle your children will go and spill the tea to, so I would say meet as many people as you can and be friendly to everyone.

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