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  • Radheeka Bobde

from a House to a Home

I live in Bombay. The city that never sleeps. We can see houses and huts on each and every street of Mumbai. Everything is cheap in Mumbai, except for flats, bungalows or places to live. Each and every Mumbaikar’s dream is to have a luxurious home in the city, but has anyone ever thought about the journey from a house to a home?

Grammatically, the words “house” and “home” are synonyms, but for me they have a huge difference - almost as much as jet and ivory. When we purchase a flat or bungalow it is a space that may be filled with furniture but it is not a home filled with pride, emotion, joy and happiness. It is not a home if it is not decorated with love. When a family or a person moves into the house and they decorate it, make it theirs , keep it the way they like, that is when we call it a house.

I think that it is better to live in a small home with lots of familiarity and the feeling of loving the space rather than living in a huge house with no excitement or joy. When there are family members and people in a home , the sound of laughing, crying and shouting is heard and even though it may be a little bit irritating, we still have a good feeling that the people living in that home are the nice ones. When you step into someone’s house and get a positive feeling, you can feel that it is a home not a house. I love that feeling.

Ways to make a house into a home are adding a personal touch or cute accents to it or just doing simple home projects such as painting a random wall in your living room red. I like customizing my doorbell to play a very funny sound. Every room in my home belongs to a particular family member and they have adjusted it to their liking. Even though nothing matches, there is no colour scheme or aesthetic, the culmination of everyone's spirit and personality makes the place habitable and so filled with positive energy.

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