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From Society , For Society

Kissan Baburao Hazare fondly known as Anna Hazare was born on 15th June 1937 at Bingar Ahmednagar. He joined the Indian army in 1963 he was a driver in the army and stayed over there till 1978. During this time he discovered Swami Vivekananda’s writings and under his philosophy, he began contemplating the meanings of life. After retiring from the army with full dignity he began pursuing activism as he got money through his pension. These are his life’s work and how he impacted our country in a positive way.

After retiring from the military which suffered from poverty and drought, he then began a rural development project there. This project helped the village to become self-sufficient and full employment was restored. The village stopped suffering from all dangerous problems due to his various social welfare initiatives. Additionally, this method of making villages self-sufficient was used in many other villages in Maharashtra. Then in 1991, he turned his attention to the ongoing problem of government corruption in Maharashtra as well as in the federal government and then established the people’s movement against corruption but the government was reluctant to punish those involved which led him to go on a hunger strike and this with other methods spurred the government to remove hundreds of corrupt functionaries from their position and thus he can be called the modern-day Mahatma Gandhi as their methods and results are same. In 1997 he then began campaigning in Maharashtra, this law was long promised by the government but it was never enacted. It would provide citizens with the ability to petition public authorities for information about the workings of their government and would establish the government’s legal responsibility to give a timely response. Hazare and many others made efforts for this law to pass without tangible results which then led him to say fast to death to the public in the year 2003 to increase pressure on authorities. Which then finally led to this law being passed by the parliament in the year 2005. The most recent and famous struggle of his was when he revolted against the Jan Lokpal bill and fasted many times till the government finally agreed to the terms he put on the table.

In the end, all I can say is that men like him are born very rarely and he is the epitome of a perfect Indian citizen and all Indian citizens should be like him. Also, men like him stand for what’s right and don’t care about going to jail or risking personal image hence Anna Hazare is more than a man he is a legend of our times and all of us should be inspired by him.

Shree Anna Hazare

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