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  • Maitreyi Dikshit

Gender Equality : It Was Never a Fight

In today's world, mostly the western society has been fighting over gender equality, resulting in controversies. Women fight challenges such as dressing how they want, the rights of their own body also saying that they are not entitled to taking care of a family and wanting to work instead. But not only women face challenges like these.

Men in our society are always expected to work and pay for their family expenses, they are always expected to be high standards in skills and looks, this pressure on men has resulted in higher depressions levels and high rates of suicide. Men are not appreciated enough in this world. In countries like South Korea and third world countries it is a compulsion for young men to leave their families and work in the military for five or more years. This stops them from pursuing their dreams. This is a hardship men go through.

Emma Watson also famously known as Hermione Granger is a feminist, she fights for the rights of women. She was once asked if she was against men, she said that men should not be suppressed, she’s saying that women have been suppressed for a very long time and believes that both genders should live in harmony.

Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer, has been marked to be against women when in fact he is just helping young men out of depression, telling them how to work harder, helping them earn a living and making men the best version of themselves.

Men and women have been fighting over rights for decades, but they don’t realise that without one another, there is no life on earth. By nature’s law men and women are both good at doing different things, men and women cannot be the same, but when they combine different things together and share each other's skills and contribute these skills to society, they are a powerful force to reckon with together as a team.

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