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Gonds - An Indigenous Tribe of India

The tribes of India are jewels of our country. They add to the diversity of our country and make it unique. The tribes have beautiful cultures and rituals which not only attract the Indians but people from foreign countries to visit India for the sole purpose of being witness to the unique activities/acts of the tribes. The Gond tribes are one of the largest tribes living in India and South East Asia who are known for their valour. The Gonds reside in many parts of the Deccan region like Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, Bastar in Chhattisgarh and parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

Language - The Gonds speak Marathi, Hindi and Telugu which is a part of the Dravidian languages.

Religion - The Gonds believe in the Gond religion with the distinctive feature of the Persa pen. Baradeo is the high god whom they worship. Baradeo has alternate names like Bhagavan, Sri Shambhu Mahadeo and Persa pen. The village guardian and village mother of each clan is worshipped during festivals. They also are devoted to household gods.

Clothing - The men of the tribe wear the traditional white dhoti. The females wear a sari, which is a traditional Indian outfit, along with a choli (blouse).

Food - Kodo and Kutki the two millets form the staples of the Gonds. These can be cooked to a broth which is preferred for the first two meals of the day. It can also be prepared as a dry cereal which is consumed at night. Rice is a luxury that is consumed during feasts and festivals. Meat is also loved by some who eagerly consume the animals given as sacrifice and hunt in the forest.

Although this tribe is extraordinary, unique and diverse they are facing many social problems like exploitation and discrimination. They are also forced to live on unproductive or less productive lands in isolated areas. Many people of the tribe lack education due to which the tribe has low literacy rates. This adds on to their difficulties. They are like all other Indians with the same nationality and rights. Then why are they treated so differently?

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Vinesh Vidya
Vinesh Vidya
Feb 18, 2022

That’s new information about this particular tribe. Well written!

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