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GRATITUDE- An Important Yet Forgotten Virtue

We take a lot of things for granted in our day to day life. Whether it be food, water, clothes or a roof above our head. Almost everything we have is taken for granted. One of the most important things we take for granted is good education. We have laptops, phones and 24/7 electricity provided to us to attend online school. We have the liberty to go to good schools that give us great education, thus enabling us to grow in life and giving us a broad range of careers and colleges to pick from. However for most this is only a dream that they wish they could experience.

One of the best examples of this is Sasaram train station. Sasaram station is located near a district called Rohtas, in Bihar. This area is very backward and is full of villages which either don’t have electricity, or the electricity is very unstable. The boys here see a government job as the end of their struggles. Therefore to study the boys come to Sasaram station which has 24/7 stable electricity and study under lamp posts, using the platforms as their classrooms. Some of them stay there all night without going home. In fact now there are even coaching classes there, held mostly by seniors who have already taken the exams.

Another example is a more personal one. One day the laundry woman that comes to our house asked my parents if we have a used phone or laptop which we don’t need so she could give it to her son. Her son has online classes and so requires an electronic device to attend. The problem is that they have just one old and battered phone in their whole family and the son ties up that phone for the entire morning and afternoon for his online classes. They can't afford to buy another phone on their meagre income, even upon saving for it for many months.

Stories like these really help put things into perspective on how privileged we are. We always find a reason to complain despite being well off. Therefore, before complaining about such things, we can always remember that there are many people out there that dream to have the luxuries we do.

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