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  • Mannat Kejriwal

Harmony or Hate: The Consequences of Religious Discrimination

Discrimination is no less than a crime. People are discriminated against on various subjects like political status, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Religious discrimination, a deeply rooted issue in societies worldwide, continues to challenge the principles of equality and freedom that democratic nations hold dear.

In today’s hyper-competitive fast-paced lives, Gen-Z is trying to maintain their ‘cool’ in so many ways and indulging in so many things. Some believe that being an atheist is cool. Somewhere or the other, even if it isn't cool, it is the right thing to do because I believe that religion is just a barrier between people and it is a major factor for discrimination among many castes. Unity in diversity - India’s motto is no longer followed by people and they are discriminating amongst religion. It is a threat to mental health, irrespective of religious affiliation.

Earlier, we had different religions that propagated different doctrines, rituals, sacrifices and different codes of conduct. But with time passing by, all these rituals and sacrifices have come to an end. They all mention god to be the divine power. Being a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, all religions promote harmony and non-violence but most of all to do good deeds. So why is it that just the names of these religions are discriminating amongst one's brothers? Faith is also one of the primary reasons for war, rivalry and political discrimination.

Even though the Constitution of India mentions that everyone has equal rights and duties, there is political, social and religious discrimination happening everywhere.

If we can promote religious harmony then world peace won't be a myth anymore. Since childhood, we have been learning that “United we stand and divided we fall.” So why is ‘Religion’ being the cause for us being divided into many different sections?

Religion is also one of the causes why many people have to live separately away from their families who have an orthodox set of mind and do not approve of intercaste marriages. Moreover, due to religion creating a wall between people, many have forgotten the virtue of all people - humanity.

For instance, the SRK College in Firozabad denied entry to some female students allegedly because they were wearing Burqa. Schools and universities should promote religious harmony but on the flip side, they are denying the entry of certain students just because they are following their religion and wearing a piece of clothing that matters to their religion. Not only that but also because of the hijab controversy many people are ashamed of their religion.

If we don’t have religious discrimination, then there won't be any more rivalries, wars due to religious discrimination and political disunity and people will correct their stereotypes of others. People can live together in peace and harmony with one another and not discriminate between people of the same blood.

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