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  • Radhika Nikam

Health and Wellness

Unhealthy eating habits affect every aspect of an individual's life, from health to relationship, everything. It does not come under the section of fatal conditions. It is more like a dysfunction that occurs due to certain incorrect behaviours repeatedly practiced for years. "Consuming too much and moving too little," this phrase alone lays out the root cause behind this disorder. When the energy intake is far more than energy output, the accumulation of fat takes place. The buildup of fat in our body is imperative up to a certain extent because it acts as an insulation pad during low-temperature conditions. It may sound ludicrous but unhealthy eating habits are undeviatingly linked to our mood swings too. For example, when we are overcome by emotions like anger, stress, and sadness, we tend to eat more than what our body requires. These emotions lead to both decreased and increased food intake. Emotional eating occurs due to various mechanisms, such as eating to cope with negative emotions or confusing internal states of hunger and satiety with physiological changes related to emotions. These practices bottle up our sentiments in our brains temporarily. The sudden outburst of these emotions is hazardous for both our mental health and our relationships with people.

The mantra to fight back against these habits is not unmanageable to accomplish. Will-power and perseverance can alone help combat this disorder. To demystify this mantra, remember to eat less "bad" and eat more "good." A balanced diet with all the essential nutrients in the right proportion in accordance with our requirements is the pivotal step towards a healthy outlook. Considering the current scenario, it's not possible to perform outdoor activities. Instead, replacing these outdoor activities with yoga is another pivotal step towards fitness. Yoga alone helps maintain our body fitness and train our minds to think positively and outside the box. Bottling up emotions can be fatal at times. Hence, it's crucial to surround ourselves with people who make us euphoric and embolden us to be a better version of ourselves. Such people help uplift our spirits and keep us motivated and converge on our goals. "Your health is an investment not an expense."

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