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Hitler (Background and Motives)

Hitler, as we all know, was a cruel dictator back during World War 2 when he wanted to take over the world and repopulate it with the Aryan Race. Although why was Hitler so cruel? There must be some reason. It sure has a lot to do with his past childhood. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria, Hungary. It was close to the German border. He was the third child of his father, Alois Hitler’s third wife. Since the previous two children had died during infancy, his mother Clara spoiled Hitler while his father was quick to get angry and would take out his anger on the young Adolf. Hitler had a brother named Edmund.

Hitler was good in school, his grades were good and his teachers praised him. He was popular among other children and enjoyed playing several group games. He also loved reading and particularly liked stories about cowboys and Indians. As he grew older he grew a little worse, he was caught being violent with his classmates but it was not a big deal. Things started going downhill when his 10-year-old brother, whom he loved a lot, died due to measles. During this time, Adolf was feeling very lonely. Neighbours noted his strange behaviours like talking to trees and he would get bullied a lot. He started to pay little to no attention in school and even had to repeat a grade as his grades fell drastically.

He then got into drawing. Hitler decided to pursue his dreams of being an artist which enraged his father but at that point, his father was too old to do anything against the young boy’s decision. After passing his final semester, Adolf was very happy. However, he did not take the final exam and just dropped out, becoming an unemployed 16-year-old boy. He had a friend till the age of 20, he said that Adolf was interested in many things such as architecture, arts, and designing and was an incredible speaker. He was quick to get angry like his father. At the age of 18, he bid a sad goodbye to his mother Clara and went to Vienna to take the entrance exam for Art school, which he failed. He soon returned to his hometown because his mother was very sick.

The sad Hitler shortly after her death went back to Vienna hoping to find a career in Arts. Unable to find a career and without parental support, he was on the street for some parts of his 20s. It is hard to pinpoint when he got the idea of dictatorship but his time in Vienna played a part in it. He moved to Munich in Germany. At this point, it is important to note that although Adolf was born in Austria, he was a German Patriot. He shifted there to avoid military service. At this point, World War 1 had broken out. Hitler listed himself for the German army and he finally had a purpose in life. The picture in the article is of Hitler with his previous comrades.

Adolf claimed that the war was the best part of his life as he had never felt such a thrill before. He was known to be a brave soldier and was awarded the Iron Cross. He had many close encounters with death but then due to an artillery strike in 1916 he was sent to a hospital. Upon recovering, he was enraged at seeing "No War!" signs held by protestors. He returned to the battlefront and after a month only to get blinded by the British gas attack, sending him again to the hospital. After a month, Hitler learned about Germany’s surrender and defeat. The terms of the treaty were tough on Germany, they had to pay a very high amount of money, lose a lot of their military capacity and give up their land. These conditions humiliated Germany, and Poland split Germany into 2 pieces, 1 big and 1 small by the Polish corridor. This made hatred grow in Hitler and he then decided to join politics. This would be the start of Hitler’s journey to becoming Chancellor and then the Dictator which we all are aware of. Hitler was now assigned to be a secret agent to take down other communist parties and collect data on them. He was tasked with getting data on a possibly very communist party and taking them down but what he found out was that the party shared a lot of his beliefs in Fascism. He then quit the military and joined the party. His speeches made him rise to the very top of the party. We can see from his background that Adolf Hitler did not have such a privileged childhood and had to go through a lot with his academic failures and being poor for some part of his 20s. Hitler’s bad childhood as many historians believe was the root cause of his crimes and megalomaniac behaviour.

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