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How is it Like to Be in the Tenth Grade?

I have always heard that the words you write or speak are to be a true projection of your inner feelings and therefore as we move headfirst into the most stressful phase of our lives yet, the 10TH GRADE examination period I project unto you my innermost and true feelings.

Examinations, I would say are one of the most horrifying events, I get that these help you prepare and all but when you have the constant pressure of your parents’ expectations, your relatives’ expectations and even your neighbours’ expectations thrust upon you it is hard to not focus on the many downsides of examinations. For example, for my 9th grade final exams, I was so stressed all the time and panicked about what if I forgot everything that I had studied, that I did not even feel like studying .

The world we live in today is no longer a simple and easy one, there's competition for everything from a particular vegetable at the grocery store to a house at a prime location at a cheap price. We need to work hard and fight for what we want and it is these circumstances that have made the process of giving examinations an even harder one. Study harder if you want a better college/school. Study hard else you will get into a bad college/school. I mean, is it not enough that we have to decide in this year what we want to achieve in life so that we can start working on our dreams.

I encourage all parents/guardians who are reading this or even an uncle or aunt who might be reading this to reach out to the child and ask him/her/them if they are doing okay. Ease this process for them, help them out as much as you can. Let us all work together to make the process of giving examinations a little easier and smooth.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.” Do not give up, you can do it.

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