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  • Smit Shah

How to Fight off Super Vampires

“So you lost; To a child, nonetheless and I thought you said you are one of the stronger Titans.” said a voice that was more of a hiss than words.

“I am ashamed of you Crius, you Titan Lord of the South, The Master of Constellations got defeated by a child. ” said Kronos.

I replied “Even you got defeated by that Percy Jackson not just once but many times Kronos. And you Voldemort remind me how many times Harry Potter defeated you.” I paused, taking a breath, “Every person here, sitting on the council, has been defeated by teenagers more than once.”

“We haven’t been defeated by anyone as a matter of fact. Neither teenagers nor equals.” breathed a thin wispy voice,

“Because you have been cowards and ran away the only time you were opposed.” replied a gruff voice.

“Well I still believe that vampires have the most chance to hunt that human as he has never faced us.” answered the vampire with milky red eyes.

“That is a fair point. Well we already gave Titans a chance, let's see what the Vampires’ can do.” contemplated Thanos.

2 days… It had only been 2 days since I had defeated an Elder Titan, alone , without any outside help.

“I don’t think he is capable enough to lead us.” a minister decided,

“I agree with you.” replied another minister.

These whispers had started as I blew up the palace and made them all run away into the forest. But if I hadn’t blown it up these ministers would have been tortured for fun by the titans as of now. Huh, maybe I should have let Crius take them. A sudden movement in the forest caught my eye, and I halted instantly, scanning the area. According to the sound of its footsteps, it was heavy enough to be a grizzly bear but something was off. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Suddenly a giant russet-coloured wolf jumped out from the bushes right in front of me.

“Long time no see Jacob, or should I say the most high-Alpha.” I told the wolf as he was phasing.

“It's been tough, you know, with the whole world, all the worlds in war.” replied Jacob.

“I know, I’m sorry for dragging you into this but I would not have called you, or anyone if I could handle it alone.” I apologized

“Ya, I know. Anyways I’ve got intel that the Volturi have sent Demetri, Felix, Victoria, and James.” Jacob said calmly, providing such intel that would send fear down anyone's spine.

“4 vampires!! Well, there is nothing we can do about that, so let's just keep moving. But 4 super vampires that to vampires like James and Demetri !!!” I exclaimed

And so we doubled our pace to reach the safe camp as early as we could. If vampires like James were actually behind us then there was no way we would survive, we were dead meat. Not fifteen minutes since I met Jacob had passed and suddenly 3 ministers just disappeared into thin air.

“Everybody get behind me and Jacob, NOW!!!!” I screamed knowing that intimate danger was upon us.

“You know that won’t do any good.” Whispered a voice, while eradicating 4 more people between me and Jacob. “ You can not save everyone here Kingod.”

And slowly they came out in the open knowing that neither me nor Jake would be able to attack them without leaving the other 4 ministers unprotected. James smirked and walked slowly towards our closely bound circle. Felix cracked his knuckles and Victoria and Demetri alike showed no emotions. I knew we were dead, there was no way we were going to survive this. But I wasn’t giving up, not without a fight.

“Ministers I am really sorry but , get lost.” saying this I threw capture bombs on them and transported them out of danger. “Now let's get started.” saying this I jumped on Felix, and the gigantic vampire staggered back two steps surprised by my sudden action. I took advantage of that fact and cut off his arms and head. But James was quick as soon he saw me ripping Felix apart, he launched himself on me, but Jacob was no slouch either, he sank his teeth into James’ calf and threw him across the plain. A loud shrieking noise erupted out of the vampire's mouth. Jacob quickly turned his attention to Victoria. Seeing this I quickly ran towards Demetri to stop him. He sensed me - Of Course he would, he is the best vampire tracker alive- and tried to bite me in the neck with lightning speed. Thanks to my cutting-edge amour I survived. I stabbed him in the neck and drove the knife all the way through until his face came off. I started tearing him apart piece by piece and poured sulphuric acid on him. Unlike fire, it wouldn’t kill him but rather decapitate him for the next decade or so. Suddenly a howl pierced the night- SHIT Jacob was in trouble- James had sneaked upon him from the rear and had sunk his teeth into Jacob’s thigh- Uh Oh vampire venom was more harmful to werewolves than any other species and right now it was into Jacob’s system. He had only a few hours at the best left.-Meanwhile Felix was reattaching himself. “You FREAKING LEECHES.” I swore and dashed into James, although James was quick he could not dodge me. I ripped his body into a thousand small pieces in less than two seconds and then poured sulphuric acid on him. Felix was weaker due to the previous treatment he had gotten, I repeated the process for him. Victoria however disappeared into the darkness. I could have chased her effectively if I would have wanted to but I had bigger concerns at the time, like my friend dying from vampire venom.

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