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  • Disha Narayanan


Sweaty palms, wrinkles on my forehead, fatigue and exhaustion from being awake for the past two nights and my exploding headache told me I needed to take a break. But no how can I when I was so close. Mere inches away from what I have been working on for over a year. “Retetium” the most dangerous liquid to ever exist. If it touches any metal surface it causes a reaction so dangerous that all life gets altered forever. To put it into scale, an explosion is about 10 times that of a nuclear bomb. I know it's absolutely disastrous. Almost sounds like something you see in movies but never dreamed possible. You may be wondering why I should ever create something so saddeningly spectacular. Why of course to have power like no one else on this planet. I was finally there. After so many sleepless nights and deep commitment, I was finally ready to hold the literal definition of power simply in the palm of my hands. After about 5 minutes that felt like a century to me I finally finished. I carefully poured the liquid into an airtight glass container. I stared at my hard work that had finally paid off.

I picked up my phone and called the Arms Control Associations Executive Director, Daryl Kimball. He picked up immediately as he knew I had been working on this evil masterpiece. I spoke in a soft, slow voice. Almost like a whisper I said, “I did it”. Just three words and I could hear his heartbeat quicken. He spoke in a trembling voice asking me how I did it. I was no fool, how could I ever tell him. I can be the only one to know. I asked him for the sum of money I wanted. About 100 billion dollars. Although this liquid was priceless in reality. I was willing to compromise. After all, with that kind of money I could have absolutely anything I wanted. And isn’t that what everyone wants. Freedom. He agreed as soon as I said the amount. Why wouldn't he? No one was mindless enough to not. If he paid me the amount he could take the liquid and along with his team of scientists find a way to destroy it, but that wasn’t my problem. You see I used to be poor, almost living on the streets. But now I can have the one thing I always wanted, money. I am a chemistry prodigy. Although I didn't use my skill in the most honorable way, I have achieved what I wanted and that’s good enough. Daryl’s speaking brought me back from my thoughts. He said,” The money will be transferred soon”. That was all I wanted to hear. I put down my phone and waited. I wanted to look at my art one last time before I gave it away. Taking it into my hands I observed it with pride in my heart. Suddenly a tiny spider crawled up from the corner of one of one of the beakers. They were my absolute worst fear. The adrenaline caused my hand to jerk, as I saw the glass container filled with my disastrous liquid fall onto the iron surface below. The last thing I heard was the cracking of glass. And then I woke up.

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