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  • Suhani Manchanda

Illiteracy: A Current Social Evil

In today's fast and advancing world, it is tough to make a successful career without reasonable and proper education. Nowadays even the most basic offices and recent startups need you to have a degree to work for them. With the advancement of Artificial intelligence, the requirement for human labour has reduced drastically and continues to decrease. This has given rise to major unemployment due to illiteracy now more than ever.

About 60 to 70 years ago, education was only a privilege to the higher class. It was a norm that only the Brahmins or the members of the royal family received education. This was majorly because of the high requirement for human labour at that time. Considering the requirement, it is believed that only basic knowledge was required to survive in the world and there was a distinct cast discrimination for a virtue as important as education. The times grew and caste discrimination slowly started fading.

Another major problem came in that people thought it was pointless to educate girls. They considered that girls did not have the muscular power or strength to carry out the labour done by men and thus only belonged to the kitchen and household chores. After reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Jyotibha Phule, and Swami Vivekananda this belief also somewhat withered away. After much work, many orthodox families have mended their mindset but some are still against the idea of education, especially for girls. This is evident even in today's times. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the girls in every Co-Ed school are less than the boys? Well, in every class the difference does not reflect that much and is as minute as 1 or 2 but when you see the school as a whole the difference does go up to 50-60 per school, and increases even more in a city as a whole and still further in the country’s numbers.

The point is not only about education for girls, it is about education as a whole. Nowadays good education is so expensive that the poor of society can not afford it. If their children do not receive proper education there is no way that they can help improve the situation of the household and we will only see an increase in poverty. Yes, there is government education but how far is it effective? Is the education equivalent to that of a private school? Absolutely not.

The best teachers try their best to get applied to a private school because of the pay opportunities and exposure. The students of government schools get only basic education, some of which is forced into them. Not all of them are fortunate to have parents who can help them understand the concept if they are unable to understand it in class. This gets them back to rote learning which loses the point of education. All that is needed is proper education with a strong understanding being provided to everyone and it is not just rote learning the concept.

To conclude, proper education is a must. It is necessary to let go of all kinds of social mindsets and promote education wherever necessary. The government has taken the first step with its various policies. It is our responsibility as citizens of India to help promote good and proper education.

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