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  • Rishabh Asudani

Indra Nooyi- A “She-ro”

The human race has come a long way in the fields of technology, industry and science. Right from the beginning of the ages of human evolution, until now in the 21st century, we have been progressing every day, every minute and every second. All these discoveries and inventions have revolutionised the way we work and think. However, many of us are still left behind in terms of socialistic ideals, such as the position of women in our world.

To prove this ideal wrong, a number of women have fought their way up and today are a role

model for people like you and me.

When we talk about the great Indian entrepreneurs usually names like Mr. Ambani, Mr. Tata, Mr. Pichai strike us. However, not once have any of us ever thought that in a country of four hundred million women, there exists a large number of women intellectuals and business geniuses- who have proved their potential to the rest of the world by taking up huge responsibilities upon their shoulders. One of such many superwomen in India is Mrs. Indra Nooyi. She is not very famous by name, however, her company “PepsiCo” and its products are on every child’s mind. Being an Indian woman, she had to face a great deal of struggle throughout her career, but she faced all challenges which came her way. She worked with sheer grit and determination and finally assumed the well-deserved title of the CEO of the PepsiCo company in October 2006. She also went on to rank second on the Forbes’ list of most powerful women in business in 2017.

Mrs. Nooyi from a very young age was entrusted with leadership roles. She led her high school cricket team from the front. Since then Indra was a tough minded, competitive and caring person who had a vision for the future. She joined the Pepsico company when it was just 18 months and now she deserves to be given a major part of the credit for its success.

Mrs. Nooyi truly stands in the spotlight of the world’s stage, inspiring every woman who dared to dream in a society like ours, to strive for greater things, to believe in themselves, to have an ambition to chase their goals; because if the “he-roes” can do it, why not the “she-


Indra Nooyi- former CEO of PepsiCo

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