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Inequality of Information

We often find ourselves, standing at the precipice of a new dawn, a new chapter in our lives. This decade will be a tumultuous one, as we enter adulthood and stand at the end of the tunnel. Almost 10 years later, we will have to struggle to remember ourselves today, the thoughts which today, are as clear as can be, tomorrow, will be a vague notion that we feel trapped inside.

It is within the context of our journey, as students, that we find ourselves at crossroads wherein, information is the most powerful tool at our disposal. As we move forward in our respective streams after we pass out of school, we may not be together. Most of us decided where we wish to go in our lives; and we seek to walk the path that brings us what we most desire: be it wealth, happiness. At this juncture, inequality of information begins to rear its head, for the first time in our lives. It states that not everybody living under similar circumstances absorbs the same kind of information.

It is easy to know how much you know. The struggle lies, in knowing how much you have yet to learn, and it is a sad fact of our society, that very few people even attempt this struggle in the first place. We make the decisions we make in life, based on the guidance of our parents and teachers and to some extent, our friends. Several of us make decisions in a moment because it appears that everybody else has already made the same decision.

The fact of the matter is, that being slightly better informed than we are today, will give us an exponentially better tomorrow, and our parents, as much as we respect them, are not as well versed in the modern job market. They have never felt the struggle of the Global Markets, knocking at their doorsteps, and yet, we will. Our friends may not be the best people to advise at this point. Two blind men cannot guide each other to the light.

Therefore, nearing the end of my article, I implore you, the reader, no matter how sure you may be of your future and decisions; try to learn as much as possible about the position you are in. We live in a highly competitive society; and while it may be true that we lack some of the opportunities that are present in Europe and the US, we have higher opportunities than nations like China or those in the Middle East. It is in our hands, and will forever be in our hands, what to do with the cards we are dealt with; what to do, to eliminate the Inequality of Information, that seeks to hinder us from the today we live in, to the tomorrow we dream of.

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