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  • Rishith Saraf

Interacting During A Pandemic

The pandemic has encouraged us to spend more time with our family. I, myself, have kept in touch with my family more than I would have if this pandemic would not have been.

I have also kept in touch with my friends during this pandemic. Online video calling is something we all do to meet our family and friends online. There are many online platforms for video calling; some of them are Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp Video Call. My friends and I kept in touch with each other through text messaging and GIFs. I also connected and interacted with some of my friends through the chats on Google Hangouts. In addition, I played games with them online such as Ludo King, Uno, Snakes and Ladders, etc.

I kept in touch with my grandparents who live in another city through video calling. I sent them videos in which I was wishing them on their birthday, anniversary and other events.

During the pandemic, the school started online classes on Google Meet. The transition from offline to online school was not easy. With the passage of time, I became comfortable doing classes online. I also became tech-savvy. I learned many things such as making posters online, making videos, editing, playing and making online quizzes, and many other interesting and fun activities. It was compulsory to keep our camera on at all times during the class as this allowed us and the teachers to be able to see each other.

The above instances show that the pandemic has helped us interact with people. We were studying from home yet we were able to remove time from our busy schedule for leisure, family and friends. The pandemic for me has proved to be a boon. I hope it has been a boon for everyone else as well.

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