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Often while doing some work our mind tends to wander and go off task. Studies and research shows that an average human mind spends 30-70% off work. Several seminars, books, products are available that help us to focus and do our job with full concentration. The question arises that ‘is it okay for our mind to wander? Absolutely, in fact our brain can do useful things in that time.

It is a fact that mind wandering decreases our attention span and we take more time to complete a particular assignment, however it also has a flip side. Specialists have likewise discovered a connection between innovative reasoning and psyche meandering. Much of the time, minds that meander more are greater at innovative ideas than those that keep up with flawless core interest. Generally when our mind wanders we think

about problems that we haven't been able to solve previously, say a difficult math sum or about future goals.

To give an example, if you are going on a trip in a few days that you are excited about, you usually, while doing something else, think about what all places you will visit and what you would like to do there. Though our mind is not focusing on our present task, we are still thinking about something that could happen which will help us plan. Thoughts often come to our mind and while it deviates us from the work we do, it may help us avoid problematic situations. Thus, mind wandering isn't our enemy.

Mind wandering is not bad for us, but we should be mindful of our work and not always think about something else while doing our work. There should be a balance between mind wandering and our task to be completed so we can achieve our goals and complete our job on time. We should slot some time in our day to allow our mind to think creative and not restrict it. This can help ‘ out of the box thinking.’

When our mind wanders it makes it difficult for us to focus again and finish the task. Nevertheless it helps us think things from a different perspective and is beneficial for our previous challenges and upcoming aims. But you should try to get back your attention to your present task.

It is rightly said that, “Let your mind wander in the pure and simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their course.”

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