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  • Krishna Mansinghani

Julius Xander: The Anonymous Hero (Part 1)

Chapter 1:The Extricate

It was a dark and stormy night but Jules Xander, the professor decided that he would stay back and continue his work at the school to complete his theory. He was a common earth born who had no special features except his theories and his powerful mind. He was a young bachelor who taught at an English medium school which operated on public school lines. Jules was innocuous and would never get easily frightened. This being the reason, he decided to stay back at the isolated school, located 5 miles from the city of Massachusetts and complete his theory on the cause of death due to the infinite diseases that have existed since the beginning of time. After hours of hardworking research he decided to head to his lodging and call it a day. A strong wind was blowing then and little did he know that this was the beginning of an unfortunate storm. In addition to that, the oak trees made hair- raising and ghostly sounds due to the ferocious roaring of the winds which banged against their branches causing it to sway in a manner that made people stay away from this route. On his journey home, Jules was still pondering upon the numerous causes and outcomes of his theories. As he was deep in his thoughts, he lost control of his car and did not notice that it took a detour down a steep hill and was about to fall into a menacing inlet which was filled with flesh eating creatures. Finally at the eleventh hour he caught a glimpse of the unpleasant happening. It was the beginning of something dreadful and bewildering occurring simultaneously. His vehicle flipped upside down and due to the impact, he got tossed out of it. Xander’s destiny was described as something much worse. He banged his head onto a cornerstone with a tremendous amount of force and was heavily injured. Adding to the pain he fell into the inlet and crashed back. With the help of the stormy weather he was able to dodge through the flesh eating creatures. Now we may think that with this fall there was no way that he would survive and that, that would be the cause of his unfortunate and miserable demise. But to the contrary something extraordinary happened. The Professor had magically acquired a protective covering around him and with its help, he was able to survive!

Chapter 2:The Voice

This was a sight that was completely inconceivable for a human mind to process. Professor X was lifted into the atmosphere by the force which had saved him and could hear an unknown voice from the sky above that said “Xander, you are a gifted soul, don't ever let that go to waste, you are going to be entrusted with a gift which you must use wisely, your selfless efforts and countless sleepless nights have proven that you are worthy of this gift. You are going to be the sole possessor of all the solutions to every disease that has existed, still exists and will exist in the near future, but with great power comes great responsibility and there are always two sides to a great deal to which you will have no choice other than to accept your part.”

“If you ever decide to use your powers and come up with a solution to save humanity from crumbling to its death, you will have to do it anonymously and if by any way possible you fail to do so, an unknown disease contained inside you will be released to the whole planet and it will be the end of humanity and every other living organism as you know it. Everyone will suffer, and this will only be the cause of your wrong doings.”

“If you accept this condition you will survive the horrendous accident that you have faced and if you don't, your life will be forgotten by those that loved you the most.”

“So Jules, do you accept this?”

“By all means I do, it would be my honour to accept a responsibility such as this one’’ said the professor. Listening to what seemed to be a warning, was what Jules remembered at the end, “Always Remember That You Must Never Blend Humanity With Divinity.”

And that is when the poor soul fell to the ground in an unconscious fit.

Chapter 3 : A New Discovery, perhaps?

Jules then woke up with a jolt and began to scan his surroundings, he realised that he was at his place of residence and that was when it occurred to him that all of what happened the night before might have been nothing but a purposeless dream. But something still felt different to the professor, he had a sensation that everything he saw was indeed true and that was when he noticed himself in a mirror beside his cupboard, and what he saw next left him open mouthed and caused him to blackout yet again. There was a huge scar, at least fifteen centimetres long across his neck proving that the incidents of the night before were true, which also meant that he had something that man would term as ‘super abilities’.

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