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  • Keya Shah

Legally Blonde- Breaking the Stereotypes

Elle Woods, the typical sorority fashionista has a great amount of unseen potential lying beneath those layers of makeup. She studies for a long time, cramming herself into books for hours barely taking breaks, and her hard work pays off. In the hope of reuniting with someone once very important to her, she gets into Harvard Law School, leaving everyone to think about how a girl who couldn't study to save her life, got into one of the best schools in the country.

She has a hard time reestablishing contact with the person she even went to her new school for once she gets there. It breaks her heart when she realizes that she has been replaced and is no longer as essential to that person. Pulling herself together, she forms a good friendship with a woman who works in a nail parlour. As the days pass by she realizes that she isn't as smart as the others. She makes a few friends and seems like she's doing better. Trying harder and harder, she finally gets some sort of recognition from her professor, but it's not the kind of attention she wants. She decides to quit school and chooses to go back to her hometown. But her friends help her get through everything she's been dealing with, and eventually, she fights for her rights.

Towards the end of the story, she finds out that her friend, Brooke Taylor-Windham, has been framed for killing her husband. Elle gets herself on the team that is going to defend Brooke in court. She stands up as the lawyer that will defend Brooke, and she’s failing to defend her friend when Brooke’s stepdaughter (who is brought forth as a witness to state what exactly happened on the night that Brooke’s husband was murdered) makes a slight mishap in her statement. She claims that after getting her hair done at the salon, she went home to wash it. The stepdaughter specified a specific treatment, and Elle, a girl well-versed in the knowledge of beauty and style, knows she is lying because you cannot allow your hair to get wet after getting that treatment done because it ruins everything.

Elle proves that stereotypes are not for the win and even the classic blonde-fashion obsessed girl is worthy and can pursue her dreams.

A tale that teaches us to ignore critical glances and ditch those who tell us we can't do something. All of us are capable of achieving our goals; we simply need to push through our limitations in order to do so.

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