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  • Keisha D'souza

Let Equality Bloom [in all of its senses]

Within the vibrant spectrums of gender and science, it is undisguised that the presence of women in science is, quite frankly, diminished. Although women are wonderfully complex, powerful creatures, creating life and shattering glass ceilings, the gender gap in science persists, and to a greater degree in the STEM field. Research data reflects that across the globe, only 30% of scientific and technological researchers are women.

Throughout history, women have played an essential role in building societies, economies and nations, yet women in society are under-represented in fields of science and technology. Our universe is becoming increasingly complex to understand and untangle, and science is in need of a more diverse group of people who can bring different visions and skills to enrich the research field.

Concerning research in academia, women tend to bring unique perspectives to research and scientific conversation. Women are more intellectually advanced, emotionally intelligent and existentially secure. There’s a myriad of research that suggests emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to men and women’s potential in a workplace. Emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of performance in all types of jobs and 90% of the top performers have a high EQ.

Providing women with equal opportunities to thrive in STEM careers helps narrow the gender pay gap, enhances women's economic security, and ensures a diverse and talented STEM personnel. Without the presence of women in the field of STEM, innovation will be limited, it will exclude half of the population of the world. We need more women in STEM to further innovate and better represent the needs of society. Increasing representation of women in science and technology is essential not only for the incredible career opportunities it offers to them, but also for the ability of the science and technology industry as a whole to rise and meet the needs of society. Women are beautiful, incredible and powerful, we must let equality bloom, in all of its senses!

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