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  • Kabir Parmani

Let’s Go for Make In India!

It is a widely acknowledged fact that China is one of the major goods producing countries. Many countries buy most of the products from China because they are of the opinion that they are the most powerful and most durable. Some of these countries do not regard their own goods as powerful and durable.

In India majority of the people purchase Chinese products even after “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan” was started by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The question to be asked here is why are Indians not purchasing Indian products but purchasing Chinese products?

There could be numerous reasons; due to limited resources, most of the “Made In India” products are not manufactured on a large scale. It could also be owing to the influence of Chinese products in the Indian market. Let me give an example, during the Diwali festival people like to purchase “Made in China” products whether it would be lights, candles, lanterns, fireworks or other decorations. The Indian producer is making handmade diyas, eco-friendly fireworks and torans. However, people are attracted to buy Chinese lights and lanterns which consume high electricity. Secondly, the Chinese products are cheaper than their Indian counterparts.

However, awareness has increased and we must look at the brighter side; statistics and numbers are in our favour more so than than ever.

Let's take a pledge today to promote the efforts of local people and see India make its mark in the world. The future is bright for the Make in India campaign and as a country, we can make a unified effort to help our nation soar to greater heights.

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