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Life- An astronomical theory

An atom is known to be the smallest particle that can exist independently. Invisible to the naked human eye, it can be seen only under a microscope. Thousands and thousands of atoms form an object. The number of atoms that make up the body cannot be counted. Each atom seems almost non-existent in such a large body, but each one plays a very essential role.

The concept of space is somewhat similar. The vast universe is the body, and the galaxies are the atoms, innumerable and infinite. Such is the case with universes. Multiple universes can exist around us, just like the multiple numbers of people in a crowd. We, humans, reside on one planet, in the solar system of one galaxy, inside one universe out of the billions in existence.

We consider ourselves to be so important to the world, to the universe. The reality is we are a speck of dust on an old book. or a particle of sand on the seashore.

When we die on earth, the mighty creator, or the body we belong to, transports us from one place to another. We enter into a new world, a new planet, and begin a new life. There is no death, only a change of worlds.

When we, a particle of sand from the sea bed are lifted to be sent to another place, the other sand particles around us feel lonely and empty, the way the people close to us feel when we die. But eventually, that space is filled up, another particle takes our place as we proceed to another journey. We might not have one head, two hands, and two feet. But we will certainly be alive, very much alive. We would eventually learn to live in an atmosphere of helium or hydrogen and would gel with the people of the other world.

We will make a difference wherever we are, we must make our name.

Our new journey might be better than our earlier one, it might be worse, but we need to learn to make the best out of it, to cherish every moment of life, in the very limited time we have.

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