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  • Radheeka Bobde

Life of a Shoe

Hi there, it's me, the shoe. I am always down to Earth and have many names and types. They call me studs on the football field, although our features are different we still belong to the same category 'shoes'. In schools, there are two styles of me - sports and regular, and in rainy seasons people call me gumboots. I was born on December 22nd, 2021 in a factory in Mumbai, along with my friends. I am black in colour and have beautiful silky and shiny black shoelaces. I was sent to a shop after my manufacture and I stayed there for 2 months.

After a long time passed of me waiting in anticipation on the shelves for a human to pick me up, a much-awaited day came, bringing along with it my future owner. He came into the shop and asked for a size 6 shoe and guess what? I was the only one of size 6 which was remaining! I went home with him, happy and excited about the prospect of a new beginning. I was filled with pride as I belonged to someone now. Once I went to my new home, he took me out of the box, laced me and kept me nicely in the shoe rack. I was happy as someone paid attention to me, I was tired of sitting unattended lying in a corner of a shop. The next day he took me out, smiled at me, and neatly tied my lace which I was very proud of.

We both were ready to meet our companions after a long break of two and a half years (the pandemic). He went in the mirror to see his school uniform and honestly speaking we both were looking very handsome - I was neatly polished and shining. The days passed by like this happily. I was cherished and treated with care. But after a few months, he didn't treat me so nicely, he started to hit people with me, and throw me in the air. Although I loved the swing in the air, I did not appreciate it happening again and again. My owner's friends started snatching me from him and playing football with me. I am not happy with these new developments. Suddenly, for the first time, I fear that my life is in danger. Am I going to face the worst possible fate for a shoe - GETTING THROWN AWAY?!

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