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  • Bhavishya Bajaj

Lost in the Woods: A Fierce Encounter

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows through the dense forest, a young girl named Lily found herself in an unsettling predicament. She had ventured into the woods earlier that day, lured by the enchanting beauty of nature. However now, with darkness descending and the unfamiliar surroundings closing in, her excitement had turned to apprehension. Lily's heart raced as she stumbled through the underbrush, her footsteps muffled by the thick carpet of fallen leaves. The tall trees loomed overhead, their branches reaching out like skeletal fingers, and the rustling of nocturnal creatures added an eerie soundtrack to her growing unease. Panic set in, and her mind became a swirling tempest of fear and uncertainty.

Glowing worms lit up the area, Lily felt highly amused by this side of nature. She started strolling around in the woods, and gradually she felt calm. As she explored new sights, she encountered a waterfall. The waterfall was Atlantis-blue. It was gushing over the rocks. At its widest point, it surged and plunged down the mountain. It had a beautiful serene pool at the bottom. It was veneer clear. The frogs croaking nearby added to the wonderful sounds. Lily was amazed at the beautiful sights she encountered. While figuring out a way back home she heard faint roaring at some distance in the deep forest.

In her frantic search for a path back home, Lily failed to notice the subtle shift in the forest's atmosphere. The air grew heavy, and an unusual stillness settled over the landscape. A primal instinct stirred within her, a warning that danger lurked nearby. Just as she was about to turn back, her gaze froze on a pair of luminous, predatory eyes staring at her from the shadows. A chill ran down Lily's spine as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. There, emerging from the darkness, stood a creature, unlike anything she had ever seen before. Its hulking silhouette towered above her, its massive frame adorned with jagged, reptilian scales. Its powerful jaws revealed rows of razor-sharp teeth, glistening in the moonlight.

A dinosaur! The realization struck Lily like a bolt of lightning. She had often marveled at their existence through books and documentaries, but never had she imagined coming face to face with a living, breathing dinosaur. Fear surged through her veins, immobilizing her as the beast took a slow, deliberate step forward. The dinosaur was a velociraptor.


Lily's mind raced, desperately searching for a plan. She knew she had to keep calm, to think clearly despite the adrenaline coursing through her body. With every fiber of her being, she

summoned her courage and decided to stand her ground, hoping that her diminutive stature might make her seem less threatening to the colossal creature. The creature roared intensely. Driven by her insatiable curiosity, Lily summoned her courage and took a tentative step toward the dinosaur. The creature tilted its head as if studying her. Lily felt a strange connection with this ancient being as if they were kindred spirits lost in time. With cautious steps, she approached the dinosaur, her fear fading into the background as she focused on the moment at hand. As Lily drew closer she noticed the dinosaur's wounded tail, she came to know that the dinosaur had faced its set of struggles in the wild forest.

She quickly removed a first aid kit that she carried in her backpack all the time, clearly, it was for this moment. The dinosaur surprisingly remained calm and came to know about Lily’s intention and allowed her to come closer. She quickly removed a bandage from the kit and tended to the injury. The dinosaur bellowed softly as if thanking the girl. Gratitude was in his eyes and happiness was on his face. He then roared and ran back in the woods leaving Lily to return back home.

Knowing that spiders build their webs towards the south, she went in the opposite direction since she had to go north. Not sure of what she was doing she saw a small light lighting up her face. Lily found her way back to civilization, her heart brimming with a newfound sense of wonder and resilience. She had journeyed into the unknown, faced her fears, and emerged stronger for it. The memory of her encounter with the dinosaur would forever remind her that in the face of the seemingly impossible, courage and compassion could transform even the most treacherous of circumstances into remarkable adventures.

Lost in the wilderness, Lily had discovered not only the depths of her own courage but also the power of empathy and connection with the world around her. And as she grew older, she would carry the lessons learned from that encounter, spreading her newfound bravery and compassion throughout her life, forever grateful for the day she got lost in the woods and encountered a ferocious dinosaur.

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