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  • Anushka Malpani


Even though it has been months since I attended a live class in school, I find it hard to believe that school is over. Life has changed for many of the current 11th graders. We all have taken or are taking admissions in different colleges or schools and studying different subjects. No matter what all of us are pursuing, I know that we all have one thing in common: we are all missing school- the morning prayers, the school assemblies, the PT periods, the classes, the teachers, enjoying (and bunking) classes with friends and believe it or not, even the Havans. These memories can never be unremembered. But alas, we all have to keep moving and study in a new school, in a new environment.

From playschool to tenth, AVM was my home, and now that I have left, I can’t help but feel a little homesick. Although my new school just started, I can already feel how different it is from AVM. AVM provided us with a protective bubble and now that school is over and we are out in the world, I feel exposed. The culture, attitude, atmosphere, everything is different. There have been a lot of changes, but I am grateful that I studied in AVM where I learned different values which have helped me shape my personality a lot. It has been a really important part of my life and has helped me become who I am. The values, principles, and learnings over the past few years have become an integral part of who I am and will never be forgotten.

While I was in school, I could not wait for it to be over so that I would finally go home, and some days, t.u.t. would become the favorite part of my school day. But now that school is over, I cannot help but regret feeling this way back then. I would give anything to just go back in time and attend school with all my friends and teachers. There are just some things which I would like to tell the current tenth graders and all the other students which I learned over the years in school. You should finish your studies early in the day, complete all your schoolwork by revising what is taught in school that day, and then play sports, exercise or do some activity of your choice. Personally, exercising really helped me focus more on my studies and improve my mood. It helped me to relieve stress and have a little break, especially during the lockdown when mobility was extremely limited. You should also complete your portion as early as possible so that you can start practicing for prelims. I completed my portion early so that I could start writing full portion papers and time myself. Ultimately, time management skills will really be helpful ahead and we should start practicing them from now itself. I used to make weekly timetables which helped me understand my workload for the week. Lastly, do not forget to have fun with your friends and teachers as it is your last year in school and in 11th std you may get busy. Now, it is difficult to meet my friends as everybody is busy, so you should enjoy school while you can. It provides you with the opportunity to meet your friends every day and make memories which you will remember for a lifetime. AVM provided me with a remarkable schooling experience that I will never forget and I know when it is time for you to leave school, you will feel the same. All the best!

  • Anushka Malpani

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