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  • Raina Motiani

Mental Health

Stress and anxiety are a part-and-parcel of our daily lives, and some might even say that they are unavoidable. The extent of severeness pertaining to one’s mental health is solely dependent on the individual and their lifestyle. Mental health goes way beyond facing stress during various activities. It can lead to social isolation, unhappiness and various other harmful effects that can plague one’s life. In a world where most people are faced with such difficult mental situations, it made me wonder what are some of the physical or mental things one can do to combat such mental gymnastics.

I recently discovered the existence of ‘mental health combating products’ which are in essence, products that can help with combating certain mental health struggles i.e. anxiety, stress or insomnia, in an effort to make said struggles easier to deal with. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. Mental health is as important as physical health, and whilst the two are polar opposites, we do receive medication and products for both. Whilst medication in concern with anxiety or insomnia are prescribed via psychiatrists or trained medical professionals, such ‘mental health products’ in comparison are mostly not. Most of these products are overpriced and are targeted at a market of people who are willing to spend their money to try to combat the struggles they face. There are many products that exist, for example fidget spinners or coloring books, that can help people calm themselves down and allow them to have time to themselves. However, some products, for example an egg shaped electronic device that sends out vibrations to calm one’s body, have no scientific evidence or reason to be purchased. Soothing vibrations can occur even whilst meditating, which is another way to achieve peace for a troubled mind. Most electronic products that are marketed to be lifesavers for people struggling mentally, are faced with reviews that the products don’t work or are too overpriced to be accessible. So in essence, a company trying to help people with their struggles, is doing the complete opposite with the products their selling and making it less of use to the same exact audience.

At the end of the day, mental health can be combated in many different ways, and many different strategies and techniques can be applied to achieve peace with oneself. However, mental health is not a switch that one can simply turn off. Stress and anxiety never truly goes away, and what one can do to make themselves feel better is to focus on themselves and the things they enjoy, getting the medical help they need as well as getting the proper care when they need it. Mental health is a serious topic, and the more we address it and learn to live with it, the better and happier we can live as humans. Stay happy and healthy!

Mental Health

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