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  • Sanika Manchanda

Mental health: A Cry for Humanity

Mental health includes our social and emotional well being. It determines how we handle stress and how we control our emotions. Mental health is one of the most important in our life. It is as important as physical health.

When somebody gets physically hurt, what is our instant reaction? “ Are you okay? Do you need help?” We give a lot of care to our physical health. I'm not saying that that is wrong but why not divide this caring attitude between physical and mental health. We need to stop looking at mental health as a mere tiny thing in our life. It actually has a great impact on our lives.

Mental health is not something that we can ignore. Our mental health not only affects us but also the people around us. By that I mean, if you are angry, you get exhausted by just being angry and the people around you might get hurt by something you say because you are angry. After you go back to normal, you feel guilty and you stop trusting yourself with anger. If our emotions get too much for us to handle, the thing we normally do is back away. Sometimes that helps but sometimes it just makes us completely forget who we really are. This can be seen by the way a person’s personality changes from bubbly and energetic to quiet and depressed.

In India, 1 out of 7 people are depressed. They normally do not even do anything about it, the person next to you could be depressed but they might have a fake smile on their face. If they do talk about their mental health, they are seen as weak. Why? Shouldn’t we help each other in situations like these? In India, mental health has become a taboo. It is something that we are not giving our attention to because of what others might think. Why are we letting others control our own thoughts? We all need to stop believing that having mental issues is a weakness.

There are a lot of disorders that happen due to mental health issues, for example mood disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, psychotic disorder and so many more.

Have you ever seen a child look in the mirror? They look so happy with themselves. They will twirl around and look at themselves. They do not hate themselves. We were born to love. We just have to make the right choice and love ourselves.

Let us be the change and be more accepting of mental issues. Let us be more welcoming and nice to the people who need help. Let us help each other and help this nation to move forward, away from taboos. Let us be each other’s support system. Let us spread positivity and not be scared of showcasing our problems.

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