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  • Prisha Jain

Modern India: In The Future

India has a bright future. Healthcare, education, technology, and cultural promotion are the key threads that will shape the future of modern India. A healthy body and mind are foundational to the nation’s progress. With a focus on knowledge and innovation, India is poised to transform its healthcare sector, ensuring not just physical well-being but also mental agility.

India can learn from middle-income countries like Italy to channelize income towards health and education sectors to fortify its own health infrastructure. Education is key to unlocking India’s potential. Policies like RTE and NEP aim to make education accessible till 14 years of age, but effective execution remains a challenge. Upgrading skills becomes imperative for job sustainability in an era where manual labor is being replaced by technology. Good institutes are required for skill enhancement to encash the demographic dividend. Sports facilities in India need augmentation. A holistic development approach should include promoting diverse sports to nurture multifaceted talents. Bollywood movies have been instrumental in popularizing Indian traditions globally. Millets, yoga, Ayurveda - elements that define Indian wellness traditions are now being globally acknowledged.

Every child in India should have access to books and medicines - basic amenities that shape a bright future. Opportunities should not be limited but expansive for all citizens contributing towards a better version of the country. Working towards this envisioned future requires collective effort – every citizen’s contribution counts in shaping an inclusive, progressive Modern India where opportunities are not just created but also accessible for one and all.

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