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  • Pahel Gholani

MODERN SLAVERY- A curse to the modern times

Slavery exists even in these modern times. There are hundreds of people who suffer from this cruelty on a daily basis. This basically means illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. This kind of abuse often looks like a normal job from outside but from within people are being controlled against their will. They endure violence, face threats and are forcefully made to work against their wish and are threatened with expulsion. According to current statistics, 50 million people are trapped in modern slavery worldwide (estimated). Out of these 1 out of 4 are children, 54% are women and almost 13000 are identified as potential victims of modern slavery. Most of them are entrapped in this net just because they were trying to escape poverty or unemployment. These circumstances push people into this oppressive trap and into taking such dangerous decisions just because they are trying to provide for themselves and their families.

Modern labour exists in many forms but the most common of these are:

Human trafficking- The use of violence or threats to transport many people for immoral purposes.

Descent-based slavery - In this humans are treated like property and their status of being a slave is passed down the generations.

Bonded labour- The people who are engulfed by poverty borrow money and when they are unable to pay back that amount, they are forced to work in order to return that debt. This is the world’s most widespread case of slavery.

Child labor- Use of children under the age of 14 for hazardous works like in chemical factories, warfare etc has been declared a crime by the law.

This all must seem superficial or non-existent to the ones who luckily are not the victims of this mental and physical abuse but the ones who bear it everyday are the ones who know about the pain caused by this slavery. Thus, it is my request to stop any kind of modern slavery and treat all humans as humans and not as a property.

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