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  • Krishna Mansinghani

Money & Mystery- Two sides of the same coin

Chapter 1: The OnlyWitness”

The weather was dull, it felt as though it was about to rain, shops were about to shut for the day, a handful of gondolas were visible and the once lit up city of Venice was now overcast with grey clouds. It felt as though something sinister was about to happen. Just then the detective woke up in a jerk as he remembered about the heaps of paperwork he had pending from his previous case. Detective William Clark was more than just a neighbourhood detective, he was a highly reputed one and was recognized by at least half the population of the world. They referred to him as ‘the sly one.’ Every boy in his youth aspired to follow in his footsteps. As soon as he woke up he felt that he was under a lot of pressure.With the hope of tranquility he stepped out to receive some fresh air. When the detective was on his midnight walk, an overspeeding truck zipped past him. Suspicious of his nature he began to follow it, he did so with all his effort but unfortunately it outran him. He was led into an empty alley and it was then that he heard a loud sound that was resemblant to a gunshot. Astonished by this he ran in the direction of the sound. Reaching the destination he realised that the truck was just a red herring to what was about to happen. Standing beside the injured was what looked like a witness. Detective Clark then called up an ambulance to get the injured to safety. After doing so he began to interrogate the witness. The witness stated that he too heard a strange sound just like a gunshot and immediately ran to the site of the accident. He also stated that he saw no one else there, which proved that there were no witnesses to the crime.

Chapter 2: An Epic Solve?

The only witness was the injured man but the doctors had stated that he would remain unconscious for an uncertain period of time. He was in a critical condition. It was soon revealed that the injured man was one of the few rich members of society. He was highly reputed and had a name that was recognised in the households of every common man. Matters soon began to escalate and there was an urgent need to find the assaulter that attacked him. The case was then assigned to ‘the sly one.’ After working on the case for a few months, he finally found a lead. He rechecked the video surveillance of the overspeeding truck and tracked it down to an old ramshackle hut in the outskirts of the city. It belonged to a group of anonymous men who were paid to overspeed on that day, causing a distraction and attracting any witness away from the scene of the crime that would take place. After questioning some more he found out that the payer was none other than the injured man’s former friend and business partner. This added him to the top of the suspect list and it was just a matter of a few days that he would be caught trying to escape the country. He too was interrogated thoroughly and stated that he had planned to assault his former friend that day but was not able to do so. His purpose for crime, he said- “That greedy, rich man, always dissatisfied with everything and everyone, turned his back on me when he became aware of my unlawful doings in the firm. He turned me into the hands of the police and never gave me a chance to explain myself! It was all because of him that I had to rot behind bars for ten, long years, leaving my family famished.” However, the rather odd thing here was that this man too heard the same sound- supposedly that of a gunshot as soon as he was about to execute his revenge plan. To avoid being caught, he fled much before detective William arrived at the crime scene.

Chapter 3: The Guilty

It was at this moment that detective Williams solved the case. He understood what had happened and immediately rushed to search for the location of the ‘kind man’ who was about to report the accident to the police. As soon as he caught hold of him he made him commit to the crime. He said that “It was perfectly executed.” He knew that his former friend would also attempt to assault him on the same day, causing him to become the prime suspect. The weapon that sounded like a gunshot was just the millionaire's head dropping onto the ground. Since there was no actual evidence left it was easy to act like an innocent passerby who saw an injured man on the road. The assaulter also stated the reason why he injured someone as reputed as that man. Just after his former friend was imprisoned, his business went into a slump, this was when the millionaire came to the assaulter for an investment into his business and gave him the hope of earning higher profits. He had promised to pay him back the day he would become successful but with success comes great pride. The millionaire kept ignoring the great debt he owed the man who helped him . The investor was soon forced to live on the streets, this gave him a feeling of resentment and made him want to take revenge on the millionaire for cheating him.

This was how the detective made the guilty accept his crimes and solved a nearly insolvable case.

Chapter 4: The Conclusion

It is my thought that anything in life is possible if we are focused enough and not deter from our path. I also believe that all of our lives are much unprecedented, anything can happen at any time. We should be ready for the future, not have any regrets and be honest with everyone.

Detective Williams solved a case with zero to none leads and yet made the guilty accept his crimes. This sets an example for us; the word ‘impossible’ shouldn’t fall under one's dictionary, for it always is, until it's done. I would like to conclude by quoting the wise words of Sir Brian Tracy-

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits that you place on your own thinking.”

‘The sly one’ (Detective William Clark)

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