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  • Shaarang Kshirsagar

Mumbai: The True Essence of The City

Mumbai is the city of people, colour and prosperity. This city is the symbol of brotherhood, unity and solidarity where people of many communities live peacefully and in harmony.

Mumbai wasn't always the big, prosperous and vibrant city that is now. Mumbai was originally a small city of 7 islands occupied by the fishermen community of the ‘Kolis’.

. This city was a part of the Dowry given to the Portuguese princess Catherine during her wedding to the king of England. Centuries later the East India Company made mumbai its capital and this is where the transition of the city started, with time mumbai became the centre of trade for the Britishers. They built the foundation of the city and gave it a path of growth. After the independence Mumbai was made the Economical Capital of the newly formed India. During this times communal issues started occurring and there was the need of separation. The Bombay presidency was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat on linguistic basis. Mumbai was made the capital of Maharashtra. There was a sudden commercial boom. Commercial districts -Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade were formed for smooth running of businesses. Stock Market, IT, Finance and Textile were at its rise. Mumbai also grew as an educational hub with institutions like IIT, St Xaviers, NMIMS, Mithibai, SNDT and Mumbai University. Mumbai proved to be the motherland of the Indian Entertainment Industry ‘Bollywood’. Mumbai in the 21st century saw the growth of a city. A new business district ‘BKC’ was formed which housed headquarters of leading financial and education institutions..

Mumbai is famous for its Indo-Gothic, Indo-Sarasenic and Art deco Architecture. Even during the pandemic, Mumbai stood for its citizens and overcame the deadly pandemic together.

One question which always strikes my mind is -Mumbai, the city which has given us so much but what have we given back in return?

Overpopulation? Traffic? Pollution?

We all should now start respecting the city which we the ‘Mumbaikars’ owe our existence to. We can start controlling the population, live sustainably and travel by economical public transport.

This city always imparts a message of unity, solidarity and giving. The timeline of Mumbai's growth resembles the growth of a human-from a small island city to a mega-metropolitan which feeds millions of people.

From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank Mumbai for always being there for its people.

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