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  • Ayon Sengupta


‘If music be the food of love, play on.’

-William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s words are apt even today. Music indeed is an expression of love whether it is in the form of a lullaby, romanticism, reverence and love for the Almighty or Mother Nature, music is divine and all-pervasive. It binds people across communities and even nations.

I don’t think that there is any person on whom music has not had a positive effect. It is like a friend whose company one may enjoy when alone or in a group with near and dear ones or even with strangers. Music gives us joy, lifts our spirits, heals and gives us the strength to cope with difficult situations.

We Indians are lucky to have so many forms of music – folk, classical, instrumental, songs from films enjoyed over generations. There are many of us who are mainly attracted towards western music, however, a person who can appreciate all kinds of music; breaking the barriers of regions and countries will enjoy music to the fullest.

The lockdown increased the time at our disposal cutting us off from most outdoor activities. I have used this time picking up the many tunes close to my heart. It not only gives me a break from studies but also liberates me from the otherwise feeling of lockdown. I realise that music grows on you, I can spend hours learning and improving the tunes in my strive towards perfection.

I urge everyone to give themselves the gift of music, enjoy it in any form and you will see how rewarding it is. It may change your perspective on a whole lot of things. I end by quoting Hans Christian Andersen:

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

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