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  • Divya Menon

My Corner of Calm

I think everyone has a favourite place at their home, where they feel as if they are just connecting with themselves in a calm and soothing environment. I do have one such place, which I call my- ‘My Cosy Corner’ .

Owing to this fast moving and changing world, we have become so occupied that we fail to give our mind and body time to recover from a monotonous day at work. Working continuously, without taking breaks, can be tiresome and is definitely not a good habit to adopt. For this reason, it is obligatory for us to take some time off and to focus on our personal well being. My ‘cosy corner’ is located at a place which fulfils all my needs. It is my room, more precisely the study table in my room near the window.

My room is the perfect corner for me to spend some ‘me time.’The morning sun welcomes me with its radiant rays every day, and I am awoken by the melodious chirping of the birds. When I sit to study at my study table, I can look out the window to see the verdant coconut and Ashoka trees that are filled with the nests of birds, and the lively turquoise blue sky which serves as a background for the blazing bronze coloured sun, shining bright! It truly is a window to the world! - As my mother says.

Such a sensational sight! I feel so calm in my room because on one side I have nature, which takes away all the boredom and dullness from me and on the other side I have my elegantly decorated room. On one of the walls, I have a whiteboard where I pen down my ‘to-do list’, and on the other, I have pictures from my childhood. It is pure bliss when I look at it and reflect on the wonderful journey of my life till now. I have a collection of my favourite books, on a shelf right above my bed, so I can pick up a book of my choice and then go to bed, pondering about the contents of the book.

In my house, the most tantalising experience I have is when I am in my room. The amount of calmness, comfort and peace I get from my ‘cosy corner’ is ineffable!

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