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No Escape

The dark and desolate street lay before me as I waited for him to come. At last, I had arrived at the rendezvous point. A chill ran down my spine as I waited below the beech trees. My heart pounded against my chest. Why wasn't he here?

My watch had stopped and I couldn’t tell the time. It was dark enough but that might have been due to the fog and trees. It wasn't the dark, I was afraid of for I am neither a nervous nor an imaginative person. We have all known times when inanimate objects seemed to awaken from their sleep and have almost a facial expression and it was the expression of this dark street that made me uneasy. Was it all a figment of my imagination, or was I descending into insanity? All this darkness was enough to drive anyone mad. After all, what is life without colour? Where does this colour come from? We, as humans, have become engrossed in our lives with technology. The emerging technology is destroying human interaction.What was once meant to bring us together, only draws us further apart. You call me insane, waiting for someone to talk to in the dark but aren’t we all the same? Just waiting for someone to respond to messages. In our own little bubble and in the dark. We long for interaction and every little disappointment lingers in our mind, making us uneasy. We forget to enjoy the little things in life. Is this the world we want to live in? Losing our touch with nature and life itself. The horrible surmise is that those whom the rest call mad have, all along, been the only people who see the world as it really is.

As I saw the familiar figure of my son approach me, a feeling of joy came over me. But I knew, we had grown distant just like everyone in the world will someday, only to be ruled by our own invention, soon leading to our downfall.

~Pranav Ahuja- Batch 2020-21

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