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Has the online world really replaced the offline world? Ever since 2020, the schools and offices have been shut due to the global pandemic. The classes continued online, and going to the office everyday turned into “work from home.” The online world has changed many things, including waking up an hour later and sitting comfortably in the house. There was no concern of forgetting any belongings, or not having ready material for projects and presentations, as it was all at home. Offline school and work has been ‘the normal’ for centuries now. Children and adults are used to seeing their peers, laughing together in classrooms or at work, sharing tiffins during break, etc. From that to sitting alone in the room and staring at a screen is a massive change for everyone. The whole world will miss walking around not worried about wearing a mask or not, but it has been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic, and we all can agree that the online world has brought significant changes in every individual’s life. These changes aren’t all bad.

Today, five year olds can operate a device all by themselves. Children are making creative powerpoint presentations with new apps that they have discovered on their own! Adults have much more time to balance between spending time with their children all the while completing their office work. Why do we focus only on the negative side of every situation? It is time to look at the glass as half full.

Teachers have adapted to the online world and made it immense fun by discovering new online games that make studying even more fun! The teaching methods became easier for the teachers. They can teach the whole classroom at once, without having to lose any time. A major advantage for online classes is the recording feature. Many children tend to forget to note down some points or are sometimes sick and unable to attend. This way, they can view the recordings and not miss out on anything.

The online world has also motivated so many young and bright minded entrepreneurs to start businesses that benefit people stuck at home such as online thrift stores, entertainment apps, study apps, and whatnot! COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from occasional to a must globally- to minimize the movement of people all over, thus controlling the coronavirus’s spread. Also, through online school and assignments, the children have become very tech-savvy. Growing up, they will surely need these skills for their careers, and online school has improved the children at them already.

People all over the world started uploading videos on social media- whether it was for entertainment, or a baking tutorial, or just sharing his or her hobby. Hidden talents have been identified just by uploading one video. The pandemic has given many people the confidence to do what they love. While the disadvantages of the online world could start a whole other discussion, why just focus on that particular thing? As I said earlier, the glass won’t always be half empty.

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