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  • Divvya Agrawal


The history of lookism can be traced back to the beginning of human existence and the modern societies of our time. Lookism is nothing but discriminating based on looks. It is a phenomenon that is deeply ingrained in many cultures and societies, and it continues to affect people to this day. It is an important issue that needs to be highlighted and addressed to bring about a meaningful and lasting change. Just banners, strikes, social media influencers, and making hashtags like #Everyoneisbeautiful, and cannot change people's thought process to not like a person by the way their appearance is.

Women are a more common victim of lookism. It begins as a few remarks and comments that might disturb you, but it gradually starts to affect your mental health. People will make comments about the way a girl looks, dresses, talks, walks and even things that are not up to her. She may put on makeup to change her skin tone and cover her acne, and now the critiques say “Don’t put so much makeup, it should be natural” She just does not know what to do. Mean comments like this make a girl conscious of her look. Not only this but picture-perfect magazine covers and ramp-walking models who have an artificial standard of beauty, make girls insecure.

It is important to recognize and address the systemic lookism in our society. We must create an environment where everyone is respected and given the opportunity to succeed regardless of their race or gender. Why does anyone have to change the way they look just to appease society? “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” a statement followed by generations to go. Which now needs to change to “ Beauty lies in yourself and not the beholder.”

If you care about everyone’s opinions and try to alter yourself just because someone has an objection to how you look then, time will pass by but you will do nothing but keep on trying to make everyone content. Honestly, what is perfect? No one can define a picture-perfect person. No one is perfect and you should be happy about your look. That is why only your opinion matters.

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