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  • Avani Bhandari

Opportunity’s Natural Assassin

The most important lesson I've learnt from my exam preparation and result is to finish as much as you can TODAY. Leaving things for the last minute will never turn out to be good for you. In this article I’d like to talk about Procrastination-the thief of time.

Procrastinating is common not only in children but also in adults. Studies suggest that procrastination chronically affects approximately 15%–20% of adults, and that approximately 25% of adults consider procrastination to be a defining personality trait for them.

To stop any habit, the first step is to identify the cause of the problem.

Procrastination can have quite a few causes, one of them being stress. Sometimes we spend so much time being stressed about the work we need to finish that more time is wasted in thinking about the problem than actually putting our body to work. Instead, when such thoughts come to our mind we must push them away and immediately start doing something productive otherwise these stressful thoughts will swallow us and give rise to a negative mindset and fill our mind with stress and worries !

Another cause for procrastination is poor concentration skills. One thing I’ve learnt about concentration is that it’s all about priorities. Once,I had a cut on my finger which was causing me a lot of pain. All I could think about was the cut that whole day. However, at around evening time, my teacher assigned me a task to finish by night. Then, the task had become my priority as my grades depended on it and I finished that task by evening, forgetting about my finger. Meaning, my concentration went from my finger to my task. My task became my priority. Even with students, when exams come in, studies become the priority and concentration increases. Hence we need to sort out our priorities and start focusing on the more prior tasks which will help us procrastinate less.

Sometimes, a person may be too severe of a perfectionist. So much time is spent in perfecting one particular task that you decide to put off the other tasks until tomorrow! For this reason, what one can try doing is dedicating a particular amount of time to every task such that all tasks that you need to finish get completed in the day.

Setting awards for oneself after finishing each task can also be something that helps people decrease procrastination. Bigger projects can be broken down into smaller parts to make it seem less stressful for you.

In a nutshell,I’d like to say that procrastination is the enemy of success. All that can destroy procrastination is- ACTION. So, fight procrastination with action. Every time your brain suggests procrastinating, just MOVE your body and start doing something productive. Action is the killer of procrastination.

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