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Outer Beauty Attracts, Inner Beauty Captivates

Someone whose looks are very appealing is termed a beautiful person. True beauty isn't about having an attractive appearance. It's about having an open mind, a pure heart and a beautiful soul. Outer beauty captures the face, whereas inner beauty captures the heart. Captivating beauty might entice us towards the person who beholds this gift. This attraction is temporary. The inner beauty of the person will leave an everlasting impact on us in the long run.

Outer beauty is a gift, inner beauty is an accomplishment.We often end up getting facial features similar to that of our parents. Scientifically speaking, this is due to genes. But sometimes, we might not look identical to anyone from our families, and this beauty is called-'God's gift'. Society has set several questionable standards of beauty. These standards create a complex personality among people who fail to meet them. Therefore, knowing the significance of inner beauty is essential. Physical inner beauty revolves around physical health, that involves the refinement of the bodily systems, which keeps our body fit and nourished. People who give importance to inner beauty have a high Emotional Quotient(EQ), a broad perspective towards life and an intellectual mind. Their problem-solving capabilities make them better thinkers, and gives them the confidence to look at the world eye to eye which makes them a captivating person.

The daily expenditure on products and techniques to enrich outer beauty is uncountable. However, inner beauty is cost-effective and doesn't cause any physical damage. It unpretentiously enhances the outer beauty of the person. External beauty gradually changes with time. Unlike external beauty, inner beauty doesn't have an 'expiry date'. Inner beauty also enables us to preserve good relations with people, which are genuine, reliable and long-lasting. Unlike the bonds made by external beauty, which are usually short lived.

There will always be someone who has a problem with our physical appearance and natural beauty. The world's prettiest women are criticized for this. Their criticism harms our bodies and minds. A person’s inner beauty will always be appreciated, valued and loved. In the end, develop your inner beauty for positive long term benefits, happiness and self-worth. "When the inner beauty exceeds the outer beauty- it creates a dance in the heart."-Angie Karen

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