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  • Radhika Bobde

Paithani saree

Sarees are the pride of India . Every Indian woman proudly wears a saree. All of us , at some point or other have seen our grandmothers , mothers and other relatives wear sarees . In Indian culture , a woman considers a saree as a part of her . There are many types of saree originating from different parts of India such as bandhani saree from Gujarat, banarsi saree from Varanasi and many more . Paithani is one such preserved variety of a saree.Paithani is named after the village Paithan , near Aurangabad , Maharashtra .

This saree is named after Paithan as it was the place where its weaving started. Paithani is a highly esteemed saree which women wear on special occasions such as wedding ceremonies , celebrations , etc. Paithani is considered authentic due to its fine silk threads and the handmade process .At present , Paithanis are woven at a large scale in a town called Yeola .These authentic sarees are woven by hand by weavers , this process takes a long process and hardwork and are therefore considered expensive .I hope that in the process of advancement , we do not forget our true roots and our culture and preserve our tradition .Paithanis , saree and many other things have helped preserve our tradition as we advance with time and will continue to do so .

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