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  • Kreshiv Kewalramani

Parents Can Never be Friends with their Children

It was once said "Behind every child who believed in himself is a parent who believed first." Thus I firmly disagree with the statement - "Parents can never be friends with their children." I firmly believe parents should and can be friends with their children.

If the parents have a bond just like a friend, it will help the child in various ways, like building a good personality and not having any fear to share anything with their parents and also a good bond between children and parents keeps the family happy.

It is very important for parents to be friends with their children so that the children are not afraid to share anything with their parents. It usually will help parents to monitor their children from going on wrong paths and children would not be hiding anything from their parents too.

Many children who are afraid of their parents, in case of an emergency, fear to tell their parents about the situation and try dealing with it on their own which can have severe consequences as well.

Having a friendly relationship with parents is beneficial for children as children who are going through a hard phase or having bad times in their life will find it easy to approach and seek help from their parents.

A friendly relation with parents also has a positive impact on children. It builds self confidence and instills good values into children. Trust and care builds between children and parents. Childhood is a very important stage of life for children and if they are guided by their parents it prepares them for the rest of their lives ahead. The better the child is groomed, the better will be her/ his future.

Thus I firmly believe Parents can be friends with their children which will in turn help both parents and Children to lead a happy life.

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