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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

We all love to eat pasta but do you know where it came from? All its names? How many different types of pasta there are?

Pasta may be classified into two types, dry and fresh. Most dried noodles can be made at home, but they are made commercially by the extruding process. Raw pasta is traditionally made by hand and sometimes using simple machines. Pasta dishes are generally simple, but each dish is prepared differently. In Italy, the names of certain pasta shapes and types often vary from region to region.

According to Horace's writings from the 1st century AD, 'Lagana' was a fine fried bread and everyday food. Jerusalem Talmud records that 'Yttrium', a type of cooked dough, was common in Palestine from the 3rd to the 5th centuries AD. In the 13th Century, The "Macaroni Magazine'' produced by the Food Industry Association gave rise to the idea that Marco Polo bought pasta from China. Since the 13th century, references to pasta dishes such as 'Macaroni', 'Ravioli', 'Gnocchi', 'Vermicelli' have become more and more popular throughout the Italian peninsula. The first written reference to pasta in tomato sauce is in the cookbook “L'Apicio Moderno'' by Roman chef Francesco Leonardi in 1790. In the 19th century, watermills and millstones were used to separate semolina from bran, and the pasta market began to expand. Furthermore, in North Africa, a dish similar to pasta called Couscous has been eaten for centuries. Since the time pasta was first invented, the art of pasta-making and its dedication to food as a whole has evolved.

Pasta is cooked in several different ways in different places in all of Italy. In Southern Italy, you can find pasta dishes with a lot of tomatoes. Northern Italian food uses less tomato sauce, garlic and herbs as the white sauce is more common. In Bolognese pasta, the meat-based Bolognese sauce contains a small amount of tomato concentrate. More complex variations include pasta combined with fresh vegetables, olives, capers, or seafood.

There are around 600 distinct varieties of pasta, with some having over 1300 different names. "Al dente" refers to the traditional Italian method of cooking pasta. The National Pasta Association is a global organization that loves to eat pasta and discuss its history.

Well, now you know a lot of things about the dish that you love so much.


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