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  • Pahel Gholani

Peer Pressure

“Just because a lot of people are on the opposite side, it doesn’t mean I am on the wrong side.”

Peer pressure is a very common issue, especially in teenagers. Peer pressure is the influence of our peers on us. But who are your peers? Your peers can be anyone- your friends, classmates or maybe even siblings. Peer pressure and influence results in choosing the same clothes and accessories as your friends, listening to the same music or watching the same shows as your peers, doing risky things and breaking rules or changing your way of talking or walking etc. The most common causes of peer pressure include the need to fit in, low self-esteem, fear of rejection, FOMO(Fear of missing out) insecurity, social acceptance, social acceptance and to be saved from societal bullying.

Peer pressure is always seen in a negative way but they also include some positive impacts which include increased self-confidence, the urge to put your best foot forward and a sense of belonging. But if peer pressure is taken negatively, it can become a major problem if it is allowed to develop to an extent that we forget our personality and habits to follow what peers are doing.The best solution is to believe in yourself, give your choices the top most priority, say a firm “NO” to your peers if they are pressuring you to follow some bad or wrong habit, share your worries with someone, get away from the pressure zone,ignore others’ comments, try counseling etc. Peer pressure may seem to be a temporary feeling or minor habit but it can gradually become harmful and completely change a person’s personality. Many cases have been seen in which peer pressure has led to severe consequences and have, in time, become dangerous. If you’re a victim of peer pressure, please do not avoid it, take an immediate action, share your thoughts with someone because peer pressure if not avoided or treated timely leads to a teen being pressured to such an extent where he/she is forced to indulge and get addicted to bad habits such as smoking, skipping school etc. It also starts affecting a teen’s mind and starts taking control over their choices. Do not allow the choices of others to affect you. Accept how you are and be who you are.

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