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  • Sharanya Madan

Perfect Imperfections

Perfect body, perfect looks, perfect attitude, perfect behaviour, perfect grades. Perfectionism; a formula for insecurities, self-doubt and harm to self-worth. Prevailing society and social media have driven young minds toward a fantasy of perfection, that they find themselves striving for every day. One that they can never fully succeed to reach, leaving them with frustration and a feeling of unfulfillment and discontent, lowering their self-esteem.

As rightly said, “Perfection is a dream one cannot achieve; it does not exist. ”

Due to such ideal standards, one may find himself/herself criticising his/her own body shape or appearance based on an ideal perfect one. Too skinny, too fat, too long a nose, too dark a skin; always too something. Why do we blindly march toward filtered beauty standards we see on social media and harm our value? Why can’t we learn to appreciate the things that set us apart? Flowers are pretty and so are Christmas lights yet they are nothing alike. Our imperfections are our uniqueness. They set us apart and they are most certainly attractive, so instead of hiding our beautiful unique features how about we embrace them and encourage others to embrace their unique selves?

What is beauty today? Measurement of physical illusions? Does this constant pressure of internet beauty standards do us any good? Does someone’s broadness decrease the value of what's behind the outer cover of appearance? The concept of one reducing our value based on an ideal standard of an external cover of a human being is disappointing. Our value shouldn't decrease on someone’s inability to see our worth. Someone judging us based on our appearance says more about them than us. Whatever happened to their internal beauty? We must change our goal to acceptance and self-love.

Don't be the one wounding yourself with knives of doubt, instead have a skin of self-love so strong that a knife of doubt cannot cut through it. True happiness is when we are happy with ourselves. Therefore today, love and appreciate your features, your body and your personality. You deserve to love yourself.

One’s words can hurt us but our words can hurt one too, create insecurity for them and lower their self-value, all for a temporary ego boost coming with taking someone down. Society today has become stereotypical, pressurising and limiting with a lack of compassion and warmth. We must rise above petty and constrictive barriers that do us no good and promote the concept of appreciation. We must rectify our mindset and cleanse ourselves of such evil and dysfunctional feelings of ideals. It is easy to blame and hate society but we must not forget that we constitute ourselves too.

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