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  • Arhana Ramamurthy

Perspective : The Way You Look at Things Changes the Things You Look at

Ahh, perspective. It's such a simple word, but it's hard to believe that this one word, or three syllables, plays such a mammoth role in our lives.

What is perspective? In layman’s terms, perspective is a way of looking at or perceiving things.

This is just a simple definition, but in reality, the concept of perception or perspective has a much deeper meaning.

Perspective is not such a simple thing. Our perspective actually shapes our surroundings. Everything around us exists as what we PERCEIVE it to be. The very reality we live in is the one our mind creates.

For example, one person might perceive the moon as just the moon - Or, on the other hand, one might think that the moon is actually a massive sphere of cheese floating in space. - However, both are equally real to the mind.

There are innumerable examples to elaborate on, but the basic point is that the way we look at things, changes the things we look at.

In life, our perspective holds immense POWER. By changing our outlook on our obstacles, challenges, and failures, there are many ways to overcome them. Therefore, by being more grateful, there are more ways to be happy.

If we look at the home-cooked meal we have in front of us and be grateful to have food unlike thousands around the globe who don't have any, instead of being upset we couldn't order out, then we receive more joy from the meal we DO have.

It is less daunting and simpler to climb Mount Everest if we imagine it to be a small rock rather than a massive mountain.

Instead of being a difficult and detestable subject, algebra actually becomes something simpler and more enjoyable if we look forward to it in school as a subject that we enjoy and is very easy to understand.

We are dragged down by our failures if we view them as flaws in ourselves. However, if we view our failures as opportunities for self-improvement, they serve as a stepping stone to greater heights and serve as a motivation to continue improving.

Instead of fearing the ocean's depths and unknown dangers, we can sail it more easily if we view it as a vast repository of knowledge and life.

Last but not the least, if we look at something thinking it's impossible and that we can't do it, then we probably can't. But if we change our perspective and look at it as though it's a challenge screaming “ I’m possible” then the task no longer remains impossible.

Thus, our perspective holds the power to change our life. Having a positive outlook makes our whole life positive.

To conclude, what we believe is our choice. We can look at the glass as half empty or half full, the journey as half completed or half unfinished. As Henry Ford rightly said, “whether you believe you can, or we believe you can't, you’re probably right” At the end of the day, YOUR PERSPECTIVE changes everything. So, strive to choose the RIGHT perspective.

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