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Pets: Their Environment and Responsibility -Sanaya Khandelwal

We domesticate animals and birds as pets, therefore we are responsible for maintaining

a favourable environment for them. Pets are our companions and not just for sole purposes of pleasure and utility. People care for them as their own family for they giveus limitless comfort and support. The main distinction between pets and domesticated livestock is the degree of contact between owner and animal. Common pets includedogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. 

The trend towards making pets of exotic animals is worrisome because owners can rarely provide for their basic needs. With the help of science, new breeds of pets have evolved to make them more cute and adorable, which has either affected mortality or basic nature.

The guardians of pets should keep control over the actions of their pets which otherwise can become a nuisance for others. Along with the pets, their guardians should also be trained to avoid unacceptable troubles or inconvenience to others. Having vets near the homes of pet parents is a must. In return for food and shelter animals will give usunconditional love, loyalty, and companionship.

“There’s not one answer about how a pet can help somebody with a specific condition,”explains Dr. Layla Esposito, who oversees NIH’s Human-Animal Interaction Research Programme.

 “Is your goal to increase physical activity? Then you might benefit from owning a dog. You have to walk a dog several times a day which will increase your physical activity. If your goal is reducing stress, sometimes watching fish swim can result in a feeling of calmness. So there’s no one type that fits all.”

Scientists have proven that stroking an animal can reduce your stress level. If you spend around 15 minutes petting your favourite cat or dog, your body will release the natural “feel good” hormones. It also lowers your cortisol, the body’s natural stress hormone. Not only will this send your body into a relaxed state, but it can also lower your blood pressure by 10%. Other studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood. If you own a dog, you will have to walk it at least once or twice a day which means you will be getting vital fresh air and exercise while having the opportunity to connect with nature and bond with your pet.

The unconditional love of a pet can do more than keep you company. I would like to conclude by quoting, “Pets are a chapter of our life but we are the whole book for them.” 

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